The worldwide economic growth of recent years has increased energy consumption, and thus, CO2 emissions have risen and global warming has worsened markedly. Because energy and environment are closely related, they cannot be dealt with individually.

In the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, ozone-layer destruction and the global warming effects of refrigerants have attracted significant attention. To tackle this major problem, the government, industry, and academia must cooperate by sharing scientific knowledge.

Environment and energy technologies in Japan are internationally recognized as the highest level in the world . In order to employ these technologies efficiently, however, it is necessary to tie up each technology organically.

ENET21 (Environment and Energy Network 21) investigates and studies environment and energy and establishes evaluation standards based on objective scientific facts, which it then circulates to citizens through lectures and seminars. In this way, we aim to contribute to improving the global environment by cooperating with the organs concerned in conducting surveillance studies or environmental energy valuation. We also aim at implementing realizable policy recommendations.